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Often known as "Enjin" (Fire God), Fire Convoy leads the heroic Cybertrons to protect the innocent from the evil Destrongers.  He transforms from a Hino Brandbilar fire engine to robot + repair base.  Fire Convoy is armed with a Convoy Gun and Fire Flash beams, plus missile launchers that can mount on his shoulders.  And when additional firepower is required, he can combine with his repair base to become Super Fire Convoy.  FIRE!!!

Pros: Many of you probably have the original Optimus Prime and will never get any other version of him.  Well it's time for you to make room on your display stand for Super Fire Convoy, because he is -- bar none -- the best Transformer ever manufactured.  The designers at Takara threw everything -- including the kitchen sink -- in designing this toy.  Fire engine mode alone is astonishing with working lights and sirens (requires two AAA batteries, and we recommend using Duracells), rubber tires and a working ladder that can extend to two feet long and fire four missiles.

Regular robot mode brings back memories of G1 Optimus Prime with his blue head design and red paint scheme, plus adds a touch of Beast Wars poseability and TransMetals red chrome finish.  But the main centerpiece is Super Fire Convoy mode, fully packed with heavy armor and armed with his ladder bazooka.  He stands a whopping 11" tall -- even taller than the gestalt JRX!  And for his size, he's surprisingly poseable with over 35 points of articulation.  Fans will notice that Super Fire Convoy's head resembles both G1 Prime and BW's Optimus Primal.  Another cool feature is the Autobot insignia panel on his chest, which opens to reveal the Matrix of Leadership.  Sweet.

If you're going to get only one transformer, make it Super Fire Convoy.  Period.

Cons: The only major complaint is the voice chip.  It does the sound effects at random, thus resulting in siren sounds playing in robot mode.  Pretty obscure, but that's only if you want sounds.

Overall: You cannot resist.  Go buy Super Fire Convoy now.

Note: First released in a window box in fire engine mode.  Current version has Fire Convoy a non-windowed box.

Bonus Note: Combine Super Fire Convoy and God Magnus to get God Fire Convoy.

Manufacturer: Takara
Country of Manufacture: Taiwan
Price: Y4,980
Transformation Skill Level (1-5): 4

Special thanks to Kawaii Anime (Pasadena, CA).

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