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Angels 3:16

In the year 2015, strange entities known only as Angels appear on Earth. All of the Angels have their own capabilities, and like the Evangelions, are protected by their own Absolute Terror (AT) Field. Conventional weapons have little or no effect on them, and only Evangelions can cancel out their AT Fields with their own.

Adam First Angel: Adam
First Appearance: Episode 8 ["Asuka Comes to Japan"/"Asuka Strikes!"]

The main factor of the Second Impact of 2000. Scientists working at the Katsuragi Expedition in Antarctica attempted to imprison Adam, which caused a violent explosion that resulted in Earth's worst catastrophe since the Ice Age. Adam is locked in a small embryo within NERV Terminal Dogma.

Lilith Second Angel: Lilith
First Appearance: Episode 14 ["SEELE, the Throne of Souls"/"Weaving a Story"]

The main reason Adam arrived on Earth. She is located within Terminal Dogma, crucified with her legs cut off and the Spear of Longinus impaled on her chest. Apparently, Lilith is the source of LCL -- the liquid used in Entry Plugs.

Sachiel Third Angel: Sachiel
First Appearance: Episode 1 ["Angel Attack"]

The first Angel to combat an Evangelion. It displays an Angel's capabilities such as self-healing and resistance to conventional weapons, including the devastating N2 mine. Main weapons are beams fired from its palms.

Shamshel Fourth Angel: Shamshel
First Appearance: Episode 3 ["The Phone that Never Rings"/"A Transfer"]

A caterpillar-like Angel armed with razor-sharp laser tentacles. It is the second Angel to confront an Evangelion.

Ramiel Fifth Angel: Ramiel
First Appearance: Episode 5 ["Rei, Beyond Her Heart"/"Rei I"]

What it lacks in mobility, this diamond-shaped Angel compensates it with a near-impenetrable AT field and an extremely powerful laser beam. It also has quick relexes to fire at nearby targets in a split-second.

Gaghiel Sixth Angel: Gaghiel
First Appearance: Episode 8 ["Asuka Comes to Japan"/"Asuka Strikes!"]

A sea-based angel nearly twice the size of an aircraft carrier. It displays unsurpassed speed and attack mobility underwater.

Israfel Seventh Angel: Israfel
First Appearance: Episode 9 ["With One Accord in a Flash"/"Both of you, Dance Like You Want to Win!"]

When sliced in half, this Angel can morph into two beings, making it twice as dangerous.

Sandalphon Eighth Angel: Sandalphon
First Appearance: Episode 10 ["Magma Diver"]

Sandalphon is first found deep within a vocano as an embryo. It suddenly hatches upon capture by EVA-02. Sandalphon displays resistance to extreme heat and quick mobility under magma.

Matarael Ninth Angel: Matarael
First Appearance: Episode 11 ["In the Still Darkness"/"The Day Tokyo-3 Stood Still"]

A spider-like Angel that secretes highly corrosive acid from its eye.

Sahaquiel Tenth Angel: Sahaquiel
First Appearance: Episode 12 ["The Worth of a Miracle Is..."/"She said, 'Don't make others suffer for your personal hatred.'"]

Looking somewhat like a blob in space, this Angel drops small portions of its body at high speeds, crushing anything in its path.

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Eleventh Angel: Ireul
First Appearance: Episode 13 ["Angel Invasion"/"Liliputian Hitcher"]

This Angel is simply a terminal virus that invades NERV Headquarters and assimilates 2/3 of the MAGI System.

Leliel Twelfth Angel: Leliel
First Appearance: Episode 16 ["Disease to Die, and..."/"Splitting of the Breast"]

An Angel that completely defies physical logic. It may appear to be a black sphere -- which is actually its 'shadow', while its real body is a black pool (described as the Sea of Dirac) that sucks in anything within its path.

Bardiel Thirteenth Angel: Bardiel
First Appearance: Episode 18 ["The Judgment of Life"/"Ambivalence"]

Initially, this Angel does not possess form -- until it possesses EVA-03, trapping its pilot and seriously damaging Units 00 and 02. Bardiel is capable of stretching its arms to nearly twice its length and secreting an extremely corrosive acid (similar to Matarael).

Zeruel Fourtheenth Angel: Zeruel
First Appearance: Episode 19 ["A Man's Fight"/"Introjection"]

A floating Angel armed with extremely powerful eye beams and razor sharp ribbon arms. Zeruel manages to blast its way into the Geo-Front, slice up Units 02 and 00, and destroy most of NERV Headquarters.

Arael Fifteenth Angel: Arael
First Appearance: Episode 22 ["At Least Be Humane"/"Don't Be"]

This space-based Angel possesses no known weapons, but it emits a bright light on Unit 02 and invades Asuka's mind, mentally torturing her.

Armisael Sixteenth Angel: Armisael
First Appearance: Episode 23 ["Tears"/"Rei III"]

Armisael first appears as a glowing white ring, but then changes into a worm-like Angel capable of infecting its target with an unknown virus on contact.

Kaoru Nagisa/Tabris Seventeenth Angel: Tabris
(a.k.a. Kaworu Nagisa)

First Appearance: Episode 24 ["The Final Messenger"/"The Beginning and the End, or Knockin' on Heaven's Door"]

Kaworu is first designated by the Marduk Institute as the Fifth Child. But NERV discovers he is an Angel when he manages to control EVA-02 without an Entry Plug.

Angels designed by Ikuto Yamashita and Hideaki Anno
Kaoru Nagisa designed by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

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