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Kaworu Nagisa

Kaworu Nagisa

"Song brings joy and revitalizes the soul."

Age: 14
Occupation: N/A
NERV Designation: Fifth Child
First Appearance: Episode 24 ["The Final Messenger"/"The Beginning and the End, or Knockin' on Heaven's Door"]

Kaworu is sent to NERV by SEELE as the Fifth Child. Upon arrival at NERV Headquarters, he befriends Shinji.

Like Rei, Kaworu's data records have mysteriously been eradicated. NERV officials are still wondering why SEELE simply sent him to them, and the MAGI Supercomputer has yet to make any judgment on him.

Voice (Japanese): Akira Ishida

Did you know: Coincidentally, Kaworu was born on the same day of Second Impact.

Characters designed by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

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