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Misato Katsuragi

Misato Katsuragi

Misato Katsuragi

Misato Katsuragi

"You can take advantage of anything in this home, except me."

Age: 29
Occupation: NERV Tactical Operations Division Chief
First Appearance: Episode 1 ["Angel Attack"]

Misato is NERV's head of operations and field commander; she gives orders and directs battle plans for the EVAs. Her quick mind and optimism in the face of danger have more than once saved the day.

Unfortunately, Misato is a terrible housekeeper. Her apartment is flooded with piles of instant food wrappers, empty beer cans and liquor bottles. And she leaves the cleaning-up to Shinji.

Aside from being Shinji and Asuka's superior, she also acts as their guardian.

Kotono Mitsuishi (honto ni kawaii!)
Voice (Japanese): Kotono Mitsuishi
Voice (English): Allison Keith

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Did you know: As a memento of her survival during Second Impact, Misato bears a scar on her midsection that would make Sagat cry. ^_^

Characters designed by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

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