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Ritsuko Akagi

Ritsuko Akagi

Ritsuko Akagi

Age: 30
Occupation: NERV Research and Development Division Head
First Appearance: Episode 1 ["Angel Attack"]

Ritsuko is in charge of the Evangelion Development Project. She's a brilliant scientist who supervises the testing and maintenance of the EVAs.

A polymath genius and computer programmer of the highest degree, Ritsuko also maintains the MAGI Supercomputer, which was designed by her late mother Naoko.

She and Misato have been friends even before NERV was formed. Ritsuko's also known to be a frequent smoker and a cat lover. But despite her scientific brilliance, she cannot provide emotional needs for the Children.

Yuriko Yamaguchi
Voice (Japanese): Yuriko Yamaguchi
Voice (English): Sue Ulu

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Did you know: Ritsuko was once a brunette, but she changed her hair color to blond because she hated her mother, Naoko Akagi, as a woman.

Characters designed by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

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