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Self-proclaimed as the Dark Destroyer of Generations, Gigatron leads the Destronger forces with an iron fist.  Unlike other variants of Megatron, Gigatron is capable of transforming into six forms (10 forms as Devil Gigatron) -- robot mode, Giga-Dragon, Giga-Bat, Giga-Jet, Giga-Formula and the obscure but deadly Giga-Hand (plus Devil Cruiser, Devil Saurer, Devil Elephant and Devil Nodon).  But with several transformations comes a price -- he undergoes severe personality changes on his beast modes which are quite unpredictable.

Pros: The level of detail is outstanding.  The transparent finish on his wings add a lot of flavor to his metallic colored parts.  He's got over 30 points of articulation, which makes him more poseable than any variant of Beast Wars Megatron.  Of Gigatron's modes, the coolest would be robot mode, followed by Giga-Dragon mode.  Giga-Hand may look lame at first, but a lever at the back of the hand can be pushed to activate Gigatron's grip, which is actually pretty cool.

Cons: My main complaint was the feet in robot mode.  Their instabilty makes Gigatron difficult to stand.  Aside from that, many of Gigatron's forms look pretty crappy, especially Giga-Formula mode (and Devil Gigatron's extra four modes).  The missile launchers are pretty weak, firing only at a 5 inch range.

Overall: Despite his flaws, Gigatron is still a great toy.  I recommend getting the regular version over the Devil Gigatron version, as Devil is merely a repaint and is priced higher.

Note: Packaged in robot mode in a window box.  Devil Gigatron comes packaged in robot mode in a non-windowed box.

Manufacturer: Takara
Country of Manufacture: China
Price: Y2,900
Transformation Skill Level (1-5): 4

Special thanks to Kawaii Anime (Pasadena, CA).

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