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Consisting of J-Five, J-Seven and J-Four, Team Shinkansen (Bullet Train) defend the railways against the Destrongers.  J-Five transforms into a Nozomi 500 series train, while J-Seven transforms into a RailStar 700 series train and J-Four transforms into a Max 400 series train.  Together, these three warriors combine to form the mighty gestalt JRX.

Pros: Takara never fails to impress us with this lineup.  Each Shinkansen member closely resembles the bullet trains they transform into.  Each train is armed with a weapon; J-Five has a light-up laser rifle, while J-Seven has a shield with missile launcher (which JRX can still use) and J-Four has a projectile gun.  JRX's rifle is a combination of J-Five and J-Four's.  The weapons can even be stored in train mode; in fact, J-Five and J-Seven's weapons double as hooks to link all three trains together.

The main highlight, however, has to be JRX himself.  For a 10" gestalt, he is surprisingly poseable with over 20 points of articulation.  Try doing that with Devastator or any G1 gestalt!

Cons: There is no such thing as a perfect gestalt.  JRX is living proof of that, as the tabs that connect each robot are very difficult to snap on.  J-Four's left foot has some locking problems, making JRX lean over his left leg.  Aside from that, JRX does not sport any Autobot markings.

Overall: Possibly the best Transformers gestalt ever made.  Don't wait.  Buy JRX now.

Note: Available either individually or in a JRX boxed set, which has JRX's tech specs.

Manufacturer: Takara
Country of Manufacture: China
Price: Y1,800 (each); Y5,900 (JRX boxed set)
Transformation Skill Level (1-5): 4

Special thanks to Super Collector (Garden Grove, CA).

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