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The eldest of the Car Robot Brothers, Wild Ride lives up to his name with his sense of adventure.  He can transform from a Mercedes Benz ML320 SUV to a robot armed with two rifles and a knuckle axe.

Pros: Amazing how Takara engineered this Autobot.  In SUV mode, Wild Ride has opening doors and hood, revealing a shiny engine.  He even has rubber tires to boot and shows practically no trace of robot kibble on the exterior (not counting what you see through the windshield).  And for the size of a G1 Autobot, he's extremely poseable in robot mode, thanks to the use of ball joints.  His rifle launcher is far more powerful than Gigatron's missile launchers.

Cons: Because he uses the front end of the SUV as a shield, it's hard to balance Wild Ride when he's standing, as a lot of weight is shifted to his left arm.  Aside from that, the bull bar/knuckle axe detaches from the front end too loosely.

Overall: Wild Ride is one great toy.  He's also the most widely available of the three Car Robot brothers.

Note: Re-released as Super Wild Ride, colored white with a desert rally paint scheme.

Manufacturer: Takara
Country of Manufacture: China
Price: Y1,800
Transformation Skill Level (1-5): 4

Special thanks to Super Collector (Garden Grove, CA).

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